About me

I have always been fascinated and grateful by the variety of materials that nature has to offer. Young, I was collecting them - now, I have come to love working and creating with what I consider precious "gifts" from our earth.

My love and studies in Arts - in all its forms - and my endless desire to discover new materials, stones and techniques resulted in this passion of mine - designing and creating personalized pieces of jewelry.

I am constantly searching for the best raw untouched and natural gemstones from all around the world - and patiently select, one by one, the perfect ones to set - by silversmithing and electroforming techniques - onto Silver or Gold hand hammered bands.

The result is an organic looking and unique piece of jewelry.

Not surprisingly, when not in my studio cutting stones, creating, eforming, plating and polishing, I can be found tending to my gardens.

Welcome to my shop ! I hope you love my pieces as much as I love making them!