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Labradorite Kintsugi necklace

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Newly added to our Kintsugi Collection!

Our Kintsugi necklace features a large oval shape blue Labradorite - uniquely handcrafted by electroforming, plated in 18k Gold and set on a 14k gold filled 21" chain. A unique Statement necklace that is ready to give as a gift to that special person on special occasions such as Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day or why not keep this unique gold Crystal necklace just for yourself to wear on that special occasion ! 🌻

*Kintsugi - 金継ぎ meaning “joining with gold”- is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with Gold - this art is built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.

My stones are not broken, but some have flaws, inclusions or cracks - which is part of working with natural and raw gemstones. I've decided to use the Kintsugi technique to give a second life to these stones.

T H E ∙ S M A L L ∙ D E T A I L S

• Oval shape blue Labradorite pendant - 19 x 33mm

• 21 inch 14k Gold filled chain

You can also choose to purchase the pendant alone or with a 24" chain.


Transformation▪︎Promotes psychic abilities▪︎Strengthens our will▪︎Stimulates imagination▪︎Calming

A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Excellent for strengthening intuition - promoting psychic abilities. Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe. It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

Your necklace will come to you wrapped with great care in a lovely gift box - ready to give as a gift!

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• Rush your order: Please contact me to see if I can meet your deadline. You can also expedite your shipping in the drop down menu upon checkout.

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